MEM conducts emergency response drill

MEM conducts emergency response drill

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Emergency crews from across Shelby County responded to a major plane crash at Memphis International Airport on Monday.

But don't worry. It was only an emergency response drill.

The drill created a chaotic scene – dozens of people with broken bones and badly burned bodies, scattered across the runway, and victims of a mock plane crash.

"We are simulating an accident on the runway and doing a full response to that,” said airport spokesman Glen Thomas.

First responders from across the county participated to evaluate their emergency response procedures. The FAA requires disaster drills like this be conducted once every three years.

Memphis International conducts one every two years and tries to make it as realistic as possible.

Make-up artists gave the volunteers wounds that looked realistic.

“They taught us how to do burns,” said Donna Dobro from MEM. “They taught us how to do gashes, bruises, contusions to the head, legs, something that looks like a big cut.”

While the simulation provided awkward laughter, airport officials said it’s no laughing matter in today’s world.

“Obviously these types of practice exercises are not going to occur in the manner that the real incident will occur,” Thomas said. “Practice may not make perfect, but in this case, it makes us prepared.”

They’ll be prepared for the worst in case it’s ever needed.

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