MPD officers show robbery victims a better side of Memphis

MPD officers show robbery victims a better side of Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A couple visiting Memphis from the UK got an unwelcome gift when they were robbed at gunpoint in Cooper-Young.

In order to keep the couple from leaving with a bad impression of the Bluff City, the Memphis police officers who responded to the scene went beyond the call of duty.

The couple from London was robbed at Felix and Cooper, a busy area, which made it a very bold robbery.

However, two Memphis police officers showed that couple the better side of Memphis.

"Just part of the job. We like helping people,” said officer Anthony Williams.

These two MPD officers left a couple from London with a very good impression of Memphis and the police department.

The couple, 68 and 70 years old, were staying at an Airbnb in the Cooper Young area.

“They were going to eat in the Cooper-Young area like they’d done a few nights before,” Williams said. “They were on their way and that’s when the robbery happened at Felix and Cooper.”

The crook got the man’s wallet with his money and credit cards.

Williams, who’s been on the job for a year-and-a-half, and Justin Cacaro, who’s been on the job for three-and-a-half years, got the information about the robbery from the couple.

“They advised they wanted to go back home,” Williams said. “They had had an eventful night, that’s when we made the decision to at least take them to get food.”

The officers escorted the couple to the Young Avenue Deli.

“We walked in, talked to the manager,” Cacaro said. “Told them about the situation. We’re going to pay for their meal.”

The officers didn’t have to pay because the Young Avenue Deli took care of it all. So the officers and the couple ate and talked.

“They said they were enjoying Memphis,” Cacaro said. “They’ve been there for a few days. They visited Graceland, Beale Street.”

"They had nothing but good experiences up until the robbery,” Williams said.

Police say the Cooper Young area has seen a recent uptick in crime recently from vandalism to, robbery to residential burglary.

The couple from London went home with a good story after a run in with these two Memphis police officers who take their good deeds done frequently along with the good deeds of other officers in stride.

"This is our job,” Williams said.

The couple from London did not want to talk because they had one day left in Memphis and wanted to enjoy it.

At this point police have not released a description of the crook who robbed them.

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