Man charged with first-degree murder in 2-year-old boy’s death

Man charged with first-degree murder in 2-year-old boy’s death
Alan Johnson

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police say a man involved a 2-year-old boy’s death now faces murder charges.

Alan Johnson is now charged with first-degree murder. He was previously charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect.

According to police, Johnson said he picked up the boy from daycare and was caring for him while the boy’s mother was at work.

Johnson told police he was playing with the boy in the backyard, throwing him in the air and catching him.

Johnson said the boy slipped, and he caught him by the ankle to keep from from hitting the ground. Johnson said he saw the boy's neck go back and he stopped responding.

Johnson called 911 and the boy was rushed to Le Bonheur in critical condition. On Oct. 12, the family’s attorney said the boy had died.

Doctors determined the 2-year-old had a skull fracture, brain swelling, back and rib fractures, injuries to his liver and kidney, bruising to his stomach, and rectal bleeding. They also said his injuries were inconsistent with Johnson’s statement.

The medical examiner also found new and healing fractures on the boy’s ribs and lacerations of several organs.

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