Munford store a big hit 2 years after lottery jackpot

Munford store a big hit 2 years after lottery jackpot

MUNFORD, TN (WMC) - The nation has reached lottery fever with the Mega Millions coming to a $1.6 billion jackpot.

In the Mid-South, players hope the luck from one store that previously sold a winning ticket will rub off on them.

People drive hours to buy their lottery ticket at Naifeh's in Munford, Tennessee, and a sign in the window explains why.

"Everybody thinks this is a lucky spot, but of course when you win $528 million it is a lucky spot," Naifeh's manager Paul Marbry.

In 2016, a Munford couple won part of a Powerball jackpot with a ticket their bought at Naifeh’s. Since then, the lotto frenzy hasn’t left.

"We've had people from Kentucky, Mississippi and from Alabama. We'll have people just traveling who will just stop in," Marbry said.

Marbry said the store has been busy since Saturday, when the jackpot reached $1.6 billion.

"I don't know what I'd do with that much money. If I got it I'm pretty sure I'd find a way to use it," one customer said.

Marbry said whether someone wins or not with a Naifeh ticket this time around doesn't matter--he knows the craze isn't going anywhere.

"It's a dream is what it is, and it's fun. It's fun to hear everyone's dream," Marbry said.

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