Gifting guns: holiday season brings slight increase in gun sales

Gifting guns: holiday season brings slight increase in gun sales

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - According to the ATF, many will consider buying a gun as a gift for a friend or family member during the holidays.

When it gets close to the holiday season, Julie Hill, co-owner of Arms-Fair in Cordova, sees an uptick in sales.

Hill said it's typically a 20-25% increase over average sales.

"People have gotten Christmas bonuses. They're working overtime and there are things that they've been wanting throughout the year and this gives them a chance to say, well, I've got the extra disposable income," said Hill.

The ATF recently posted a tweet reminding people how to gift a firearm to a friend or family member the right way.

We spoke to ATF Industry Operations Director Steven Kolb over the phone.

“Hopefully I would keep some kind of record that I gave you that gun. Maybe the manufacturer, the make, model, serial number, caliber and gauge," said Kolb.

He said people give firearms as presents for several reasons, some are avid hunters or want that extra protection.

Kolb also said it's important for people to know who they're buying that gun for.

“If a person comes in and says I’m buying this as a gift for my son or my daughter, my wife that’s fine but again, it may be incumbent on the dealer to make sure the person they’re buying it for is not a bad person and is not prohibited," said Kolb.

Over at Julie Hill's store, she suggested people buy gift certificates instead of the actual thing.

That allows the person who will ultimately own the gun go through a background check.

"They can look and see what they feel comfortable with, what fits them," said Hill.

She said it’s definitely more appropriate to what know their needs are.

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