No winner declared yet in Germantown mayoral race

No winner declared in Germantown mayoral race

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Germantown’s mayoral race was too close to call Tuesday night.

It was the talk of afternoon school pick up with a group of moms near Riverdale Elementary in Germantown.

Germantown resident Sarah Crawford said they never saw a race that tight.

It comes down to a difference of 127 votes.

Right now now, the city's current mayor Mike Palazzolo narrowly takes the lead head Alderman John Barzizza.

Germantown resident Anna Underwood said they were discussing why this race in particular seemed so heated and hot buttoned.

"And it's, of course, social media," said Underwood.

She referred to the number one issue right now in Germantown, which is the addition of new apartments to the city.

That is what many in the city said this race is all about.

Recently, Mayor Palazzolo approved projects that include about 1,200 more apartments.

Barzizza is against the projects.

"It seemed like people wanted to decide that one candidate is pro apartments [and] the other was not," said Underwood.

The polarizing issue got voters out, a roughly 70 percent turnout in Germantown.

Underwood said she was just excited to see people being excited to vote, one way or another.

It could be after thanksgiving before we get the official word on who won the election.

Barzizza said he will not make a decision until all absentee and provisional votes are counted.

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