Student athlete falls through school floor

Student athlete falls through school floor

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 17-year-old high school senior fell through a classroom floor at Northeast Prep Thursday afternoon, ending his school day at the emergency room.

The incident left his mother, Beatrice Moore, very concerned about the upkeep of the facilities.

"I just can't believe a floor collapsed," said Moore.

She said her son was walking inside one of the portable classrooms at Northeast Prep Academy when a portion of the floor gave way and he fell through.

“He fell to his knee, his knee was knee deep into the hole where the floor had collapsed,” said Moore.

Crishaun McKinney was rushed to the Emergency room at Lebonheur with his leg in excruciating pain.

Moore said her son has a fractured foot and will be in a this boot for an undetermined amount of time.

McKinney is a MaxPrep basketball player for Kingsbury High and the season starts next Thursday.

He'll now be sidelined not because of what happened on the court, but what happened while walking to class.

Moore said she believes the principal is overall a good principal.

"It's just an incident where maybe the school system need to look at their buildings and do maintenance on the buildings because this could have been someone else's child," said Moore.

Shelby County Schools said crews will be inspecting the floor to make sure the proper repairs are being made.

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