Man finds human ashes on ground at MI car wash, returns them to family

SAGINAW, MI (WNEM/CNN) - After a man found misplaced cremated remains at the car wash, he made sure to return them to their rightful owner because he had experienced something similar with his own father’s ashes.

While Michael Page was cleaning out his car at a Saginaw, MI, car wash, he spotted three small boxes on the ground. The boxes contained an urn and a few bags of ashes.

"I just wanted to return them to someone that misplaced them probably,” Page said.

Page wanted to return the ashes to their owner as soon as possible because he had experienced a similar situation.

"Well, my father died two years ago, and his ashes were misplaced,” he said. “And I just feel like it would be a blessing for someone to receive something that belongs to them.”

For Page, the experience was devastating, which is why he reached out to the public in hopes of preventing another family from going through what he did.

Page did find the rightful owner, who says she’s very grateful to have the items back.

“I feel it was a good deed for a person to open up with what we’ve got going on in the world now, to do something positive,” Page said.

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