Marion residents ask for more transparency from police

Marion residents ask for more transparency from police

MARION, AR (WMC) - Residents of Marion, Arkansas, are demanding answers from local leaders after they said city leaders have not been transparent enough about crime and overall public affairs.

Several residents who spoke out at Tuesday's city council meeting said they just want to know what's happening in their community and they said they haven't been getting answers.

The city council meeting was packed with people wanting information about recent incidents.

There is growing frustration by residents who want to know what happened regarding a Marion police officer who is under criminal investigation by the Arkansas State Police.

Marion Police Chief Gary Kelley confirmed that the department started an internal investigation after they were made aware of an incident involving an officer--but officials would not give any details.

Residents said the lack of information is why they're concerned.

They also said they believe there's an uptick in crime.

"It's extremely frustrating because you don't feel safe in your own community," Renee Conrade said.

Chief Kelley said they are working to post more crime alerts to their Facebook page, but right now the department doesn't have enough time to get it done.

"We still have a good city and we take care of it the best we can with what we got," Kelley said.

He also said they are looking to hire more officers in Marion.

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