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West Memphis residents fed up with racetrack noise

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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (WMC-TV) - A petition to shut down a West Memphis racetrack is circulating.

Residents who live near Riverside Speedway say the noise it creates has become unbearable.

Track owner Clayton Allen says he doesn't understand why neighbors are suddenly angry about the noise when the racetrack has been in business for 60 years. And he says he's already made efforts to appease them.

"We told them that we would impose on ourself a muffler rule because we wanted to be good neighbors," he said.

But West Memphis Alderman Herman Coleman says he hasn't noticed any changes.

"I live probably three miles away and I can hear those vehicles here at my house," he said. "So, I don't know about mufflers. I can't believe they have mufflers."

Coleman says neighbors have signed a petition to close the speedway, and he has presented those signatures to the city council.

"We're not after anybody, but what we are after is people having peace in their own home," he said.

But Allen says he believes politics have a role in Coleman's involvement. "We all know it's an election year, and when you need votes, you have to go out and try to do what you can do for the people in your district."

But the alderman says that's not the case.

"My office is not available until 2010. Secondly, my name is not on the petition," Coleman said. "We have 100 people who signed it, and you can talk to anyone on the petitions, but I have no agenda."

He says he hopes both sides can work together to find a solution.


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