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Family sues McDonald's after savage restaurant beating

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South family is suing McDonald's after their teenage son was savagely beaten by a restaurant manager.

Jerrell Gray is still recovering from what his attorney, D'Army Bailey, calls a brutal beating.

"This was a bloody beating so terrible that the imprint of the kitchen equipment was left forged on Jerrell's forehead," Bailey said Friday.

Last February, the former McDonald's employee agreed to work an unscheduled graveyard shift at an Austin Peay restaurant.

"Every time they called him to come in and work extra hours he was there," said Jerrell's father, Jerome Gray. "He was really dependable."

The lawsuit claims Jerrell was left alone in the restaurant for hours. When managers finally came to relieve him, there was an argument.  

"He was pummeled about his head, face, and body, slamming his body against steel kitchen cabinets while other store employees stood, coward by management, and offered no assistance or intervention," Bailey said.

Bailey added that the beating was caught on tape.  

"It's horrifying," he said.

McDonalds Manager Jackson Martin faces criminal charges of aggravated assault.  But Gray's parents want McDonalds to pay for not protecting their son and robbing him of part of his senior year at  Bolton High School.  

"I've been looking forward to it all my life, that one year that supposed to be the best year of my life," he said.

Jerome Gray said the suffering his family experienced was considerable.

"We could have lost my son, and no parent should have to go through that," he said.

Gray's attorneys want a jury to hear the case. The suit was filed in circuit court Friday, giving McDonalds 30 days to respond.

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