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6-year-old student suspended for hitting teacher

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Six year-old Draco Metcalfe easily recalled punching a teacher in the face Thursday at Lucy Elementary School near Millington as she attempted to put him in "time out."

"Boom!" said Metcalfe as he throws his fist.  "Like that."

The school suspended Metcalfe for 180 days as a result of the incident.  The "zero-tolerance" response effectively expels the kindergartner for the entire year.

"I understand the reason for zero-tolerance," said father David Metcalfe, "but I think there should be common sense to how it's applied."

David Metcalfe said the school had been noticing recent anger issues with his son.  He said he and his wife were in the process of preparing paperwork to get him counseling at school.

"I would've liked them to either address the issue before it got to this point," said Metcalfe, "or allowed time to get the paperwork back in and actually have him start working with the counselor."

The Shelby County School district stood by the zero tolerance policy required by law.  However, the punishment may be appealed.

"It is quite possible that the suspension could be significantly reduced, due to the age of the child," wrote a spokesperson in a statement.

"I'm hoping they'll decide to let him come back to school," said David Metcalfe.

A meeting with school officials is scheduled for Monday.

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