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Couple claims harassment by postal officers over Henning murders

Latasha and Sammie Lee Haley Latasha and Sammie Lee Haley
Two postal police officers followed the Haleys downtown Thursday. Two postal police officers followed the Haleys downtown Thursday.

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South couple questioned in connection the double murder at the Henning, Tennessee post office claims they are being harassed by federal agents.

On a walk in downtown Memphis with their attorney Thursday, Sammie Lee Haley and his wife, Latasha, were shadowed by two postal police officers dressed in tactical-type uniforms.

"I can go into a store; they'll follow me into the store," Haley said. "I'll be outside at my sister's house; they'll be outside parked on the side of the road. At night-time, they flash lights through our house."

Haley and his wife claim it's been happening for a week.

"Everywhere we go, they're right there," he said.

Haley claims postal inspectors approached him recently about the October 18 murders of two post office workers in Henning. He claims he took and passed a lie-detector test, and voluntarily provided DNA and clothing samples.

"I can understand if I didn't cooperate," said Haley.  "Then they can have doubts in me or something.  But I've been cooperating, don't know why they still following me."

Thursday, Action News 5's Andy Wise asked him directly about the attacks.

"Did you have anything to do with the postal workers' deaths?" Wise asked.

"No, sir," Haley responded.

"Nothing at all?" Wise followed-up.

"Nothing at all," Haley confirmed.

Civil rights attorney Robert Hutton, who allowed Action News 5 accompany his walk with the Haleys, said the couple's daily lives are being disrupted by the overt actions of the postal officers.

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"If the police have evidence to arrest somebody, go and arrest that person," Hutton said.

Otherwise, he wants the postal police officers to back off.

"There's a point when that becomes a form of harassment, and in a civilized society, you can't do that," Hutton said.

"I even asked the guy why they was following me," Haley added.  "He told me they was told to."

Hutton sent a cease and desist letter to the U.S. Attorney's Office Monday, but he has not heard back.  

"It's very troubling and concerning to me from a civil rights perspective," said Hutton.

Thursday, spokesperson with the postal inspector's office claimed to be unaware of the letter, and could only say the murders are still under investigation.

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