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Group wants nativity scene removed from courthouse

BROOKVILLE, IN (CNN) - A nativity display hosted for more than 50 years at an Indiana courthouse has caused strife between residents and a group for religious freedom.

The group, Freedom from Religion Foundation, sent a letter to the courthouse asking the display to be removed from the government property because it crosses the line between church and state.

Residents, on the other hand, are determined to keep the display but may face a legal challenge if the case is taken to court.

"To me, if it goes to court, it should be thrown out as a frivolous lawsuit, and - Amen," resident Jenny Hazelwood said.

But the group is not threatening to go to court yet.

Franklin County Commissioner Tom Wilson said although the display is on government property, it reflects the values of the community.

 "The people in this community own the county. It's their tax dollars. It's their Christian values, and if they want it here, I think they should have it," Wilson said.

However, Wilson's sentiment may not reflect the general populous. The group said that the complaint about the display came from a member who lives in the community and that they have more members in the area.

Regardless, the supporters of the nativity scene aren't buying it.

"We are tired of minority groups speaking up and being offended, where the majority of us are really offended. I think if they don't like it here, well then, don't stay here," Hazelwood said.

Residents gathered to sign a petition, created by high school freshman Adrienne Bolser, to keep the display and county workers filed out onto the courthouse lawn to show their support.

"I think they're going to find out that Franklin County really does believe in Jesus Christ and we don't settle well when you try to take our faith away," Adrienne's mother, Lea Ann Bolser, said.

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