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Posted by: George Metaxas, 10/13/04, 4:56 p.m.

Four new reports about vehicles being shot at on Sam Cooper Boulevard

There are four new reports about vehicles being shot at on Sam Cooper Boulevard. That brings the total to eight vehicles shot at over the last few weeks on Sam Cooper between Tillman and Hollywood. Police are not calling the eight shootings on Sam Cooper Boulevard the work of a sniper because no "person" has been hit. What is clear is that someone is shooting at cars driving along Sam Cooper on Sunday and Monday, and it is scaring people who work in nearby businesses.

Plenty of people drive on Sam Cooper Boulevard. Most of them thought the only danger they might face would come from other drivers. Not anymore. Driver Allen Pirtle said, "I'm very concerned. I don't want to get shot, you know. I hate to see someone else get shot." Altha Perry owner of Broad Street Liquors drives on Sam Cooper several times a day. Perry said, "It is just scaring me. Police came down in and was asking me if I heard any shooting." That was on Tuesday, when Perry found out about someone shooting at drivers on Sam Cooper. The total of cars hit is at least eight. No one inside the cars has been hit been, but there have been some close calls. Most of the shots are coming somewhere North of Sam Cooper. Altha Perry is changing the way she drives to and from work. "I'm thinking about going over to Summer and coming down. It's scary." So are her customers. "When I found out that it was on Sam Cooper, which is the way I come to work, I just come out Highland now." Ernie Donati owns another nearby business. Donati said, "I come here everyday and I'm really concerned." He's not sure what to do because he has to take Sam Cooper to get to work. Police say the four new people who came forward didn't contact police when it happened because they weren't sure how it happened, and one man said he just thought it was a stray bullet.

Here's what we know about the latest police reports filed. They were all filed Tuesday. Three of the shootings happened on Monday. At least one victim had a large bullet hole in the right front door of her vehicle. Police recovered a nine-millimeter bullet from that scene.

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