Strip clubs shuttered following 23-month investigation - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Strip clubs shuttered following 23-month investigation

Local and federal agencies raided two Mid-South strip clubs early Saturday morning.

Authorities raided the Platinum Plus on Mount Moriah and Tunica Cabaret. Police tell us this stems from a 23-month undercover investigation into alleged drug-dealing at the club. District Attorney General Bill Gibbons said in an overnight news conference that nuisance actions have been filed against both clubs.

"Under those nuisance actions, we will be seeking permanent closure of the clubs as well as forfeiture of all the personal property equipment furniture and so forth," he said.

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin says there is still a lot more to this investigation. "We are going to address crime wherever it happens to be. If it happens to be at a strip club so be it. We owe the citizens of this community to clean up crime where every it happens and if the crime is in the strip club then that's what we need to clean up," he said.

Authorities will be releasing more information in a news conference Monday morning.

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