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Reported by Syan Rhodes

Gambling "room" shut down, neighbor catches raid on tape

They played games at the Diamond Door Game and Pool room, but police say the games weren't just for fun. They were for money.

Police found cash and a whole lot more and one neighbor caught the whole thing on tape.

The sign at the Diamond Door said "OPEN", but as customers found out Thursday, their favorite hangout closed up after a late night bust by Memphis Police.

"It's been a haven for drug addicts and prostitutes," said Tony Randall, who lives and works next door. He keeps an eye on crime on Broad Avenue with the help of electronic eyes, surveillance cameras posted outside his building.

"It was a marked police car, so that got my attention," he said.

He was rolling Wednesday night when plain clothes officers showed up in squad cars and two pick-up trucks. Police hauled off eight gaming machines, cash and marijuana.

On the tape, you can see police arresting the owner, Willie Green. Green is charged with aggravated gambling promotion, along with possessing gambling devices, drugs and drug paraphernalia.

"The small crimes, gambling, vice, misdemeanor drug offenses, often give us a clue as to where bigger offenses are," said Memphis Police spokesman Sgt. Viince Higgins. "Many times when you have illegal gambling, illegal drug use, there are other things that are occuring too, much more serious."

"It's been a nuisance for a very long time, i've been expecting something to happen, waiting for something to happen." Now that it has, Randall hopes it's the end of the Diamond Door and the start of a new beginning for Broad Street.

Green is due in court to face the gambling and drug charges tomorrow morning.

Tony Randall and police say they'll be watching.

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