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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Showing skin gives new company boost in business

Showing skin is giving one start-up company a boost in business. Tiger Time Lawn Care has been on the books for only three months but their offer to cut lawns in bikinis is already catching on.

You might say they're loosening the Bible belt in this Mid-South neighborhood.

Ladies are cutting lawns wearing bikinis, showing their bodies and offering more attention to your lawn than it's ever seen.

"Oh yeah, they honk and yell. They can do everything you can imagine," said Blair Beckman.

21-year-old Beckman said cutting grass in her bikini beats her former jobs as a waitress and a clerk at family dollar.

"You get the attention but you also get a tan, which I need," said Beckman.

They call themselves Tiger Time Lawn Care and they'll send the shapely tigers in bikinis for a slightly higher fee than a normal grass cut.

"We had a couple of customers sitting in lawn chairs drink beer just enjoying the bikini cut," said Tiger Time Owner Lee Cathey.

Lee Cathey is retired Air Force, a native Memphian and the boss behind the bodies.

"The yards definitely get more attention when there's a bikinis on the lawn," said Cathey.

The concept seems to be successful. They're looking at more business opportunities post summer.

"In the fall we'll go pick up leaves in the bikinis if need be," added Cathey.

It's a service specializing in lawn care and using its sex appeal to market to the Mid-South.

Ladies, if you're wondering if Tiger Time has a service where men come out in their swimsuits--they do not.

They say they've had no requests for the service.

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