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Reported by Nick Kenney

Picture poses question: Are we alone?

UPDATED 07-31-07:  The mystery has been solved!  Click here to find out what the mysterious object really is!

Take a look at the picture and let us know what you see. The ring at the top center has a lot of people asking the question: What is it?

While staring into the dusk sky a small group in one neighborhood couldn't quite grasp what they were looking at.

So, one Millington woman grabbed her camera. The pictures still don't quite clarify what's hovering overhead.

Jan Yarbro saw that unexplained figure in the sky Wednesday night just after 8:00.

She grabbed her camera and snapped a series of photos. But is that car-sized, translucent, black outline out-of-this world?

"Looked up in the sky, saw the thick black circle," said Yarbro. "It stayed stationary, no lights or anything like that. Stayed there for 20, 30 minutes and then it just started disappearing," she added.

It's a picture that's leaving neighbors not necessarily sold on the paranormal, but definitely open-minded.

"Stuff's been getting in that garden back there, but we figured it was coons. Now it might be something different," said Yarbro. "I'm sure there's an explanation that's simple, but it's just interesting," she added.

Neighbors are just looking for some logic in a close encounter. Yarbro says her pictures were not doctored.

Those on Lucy Road say they've never seen that bubble before or in the few days since.

Scroll down to see the picture and judge for yourself.

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  • Picture poses question: Are we alone?
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Judge for yourself...do you see a UFO?

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