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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Backlash against owner of bikini lawn care company

Lee Cathey's claim to fame is Tiger Time Lawn Care. At a customer's request, Cathey will send women in bikinis to do your yard work. But it may be the bikini cut that forces Cathey out of an organization he's been part of for years.

"It's an act of perversion," said Dewayne Lufcy. "It's degrading to women."

Lufcy is a parent. He doesn't appreciate Tiger Time Lawn Care or its owner. Owner Cathey serves as part of the Shelby Youth Sports League. "I don't want my kids affiliated with him period."

Lufcy says he's thinking of pulling his children out of the league in protest.

"That's okay, that's their opinion," said Cathey. "It's no different than going to the beach. It's no different than seeing models on the runway."

Cathey says he loves giving back to a league in which he used to play. Since 1994 he's helped an organization with children ages 6 to 14 participate in football, track and cheerleading. "It's fun. It's something I enjoy. Working with 300-400 kids every year, year in and year out."

We couldn't find many people to speak against Cathey. In fact, just the opposite. Chris Barker told us Cathey is "just a dedicated person who loves kids and loves to watch them grow and earn the discipline that they get from sports."

Lufcy on the other hand says he's not convinced and he's not giving up without a fight. He plans to voice his complaints in front of the Shelby Youth Sports League's Board of Directors during a meeting next Tuesday.

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