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Uptown Memphis: Building & Living Green

No matter the time of year, whether it may be the sweltering heat of August or the wintery chill of February, you may be worried about your rising energy costs, but Uptown Homes can provide buyers some relief!

All Uptown Homes are built to MLGW EcoBUILD standards. EcoBUILD is a new voluntary "green building" program created by Memphis Light, Gas and Water to stimulate energy and environmental awareness through the promotion and use of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly technology, materials and techniques in new construction.

EcoBUILD homes are designed to be 30% more energy-efficient than typical residential construction in Shelby County. To accomplish this, participating builders follow a set of EcoBUILD guidelines to meet key energy and environmental goals. By following these guidelines, builders can construct homes that use less energy and water, while providing greater occupant comfort. Of course this also means lower utility bills month after month!

Recent statistics just released by MLGW prove that Uptown Homes and EcoBUILD are saving homeowners more than ever! On average, in a new Uptown home, owners are saving:

  • 34% Electricity Energy Savings
  • 56% Gas Energy Savings

Inquire about an Uptown Home now and learn how you can help the environment and your bottom line!  Call us at (901) 527-7001!

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