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Reported by Lori Brown

Officials analyze Fullilove's comments about Action News 5 reporter

Memphis City Council member Janis Fullilove had especially hard words Monday for Action News 5's Janice Broach, who was the first local reporter to uncover her March arrest on suspicion of drunk driving.

During Monday's interview with Jason Miles, Fullilove took her frustration out on Broach.

"I listened to the person on your station, Janice Broach, and I'm gonna tell Janice Broach my grandmother always told me, 'You dig one hole, you better dig two.' And Janice, you better watch out. You're hole comin' baby."

After viewing the interview Tuesday, Political Analyst Dr. Larry Moore said Fullilove's frustration was apparent.

"She was obviously very upset," he said. "It sounded like it wasn't so much of a threat, but she's from south Memphis, and using some south Memphis terminology."

Moore said he's heard people make personal threats they mean, and empty threats they don't mean, and believes Fullilove's comments fall in the second category.

"A personal threat would have been, 'If you dig a hole, you better dig another one, because I'm coming after you,'" he said.

Political analyst Jackson Baker said Fullilove's comments did go over the edge.

"Obviously public officials have a duty to be restrained in relations with the media," he said.

Baker said politicians' relationships with the media are growing increasingly strained as the demand for facts grows.

"Officials are increasingly nervous because people want to know," Baker said. "They have to learn new ground rules. Reporters and officials have to be able to get along without threats."

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