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Ban on hallucinogenic plant passed by House

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A proposed ban of a hallucinogenic chemical contained in a rare plant is on its way for the governor's consideration after it was unanimously passed by the House yesterday.

The bill's sponsor, Representative Parkey Strader, said the consumption of Salvia divinorum could cause memory loss and uncontrolled behavior.

Strader, a Knoxville Republican, said a "party pack" of the chemical can be bought on the Internet.

The Senate has already passed the measure to make consumption of the plant a misdemeanor, even though state law enforcement and teachers say they haven't noticed a rush of kids getting hooked on the herb.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has listed Salvia only as a "drug of concern," and it is easily available on the Internet and in stores that specialize in drug paraphernalia.

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