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Mad dad threatens to shoot coach at church basketball game

Youth league basketball is supposed to be fun. But Saturday, one game got frightening.

"I was scared," says Eric Watson.

Watson was coaching a team when he says the father of a player on the opposing team lost his temper.

"When the tables turned and we started winning--he couldn't take it," says Watson.

Watson says the man threatened to shoot him and several others.

They knew the man was serious when he went outside. They say the furious father went out into the church parking lot. He pulled a handgun out of his pick-up truck and then pointed it at about 20 people.

"I would have been okay if it was just me, myself," says Watson. "But I was really more scared for the kids than myself," he adds.

Watson says the mad dad's son plays for Greater Community Temple. Reporter Jason Miles went to the church looking for answers.

"From what I know, it was an unfortunate incident," says Assistant Athletic Coordinator Mildred Wimbley.

Church officials say neither the man nor his son attend Greater Community Temple. The son simply plays for the team. His father attends the games. They don't condone his behavior.

"It is unacceptable and at this point we're trying to figure out exactly what happened," says Wimbley.

They say they are working with police to try and track down the father who faces aggravated assault charges.

"I guess he takes youth sports real serious," says Watson.

He hopes he never sees him at another game.

Memphis Police tell us they know who the mad dad is. They want witnesses to make a positive identification before they charge him.

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