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  • What We TreatBridge to Recovery – What We TreatMore>>

  • Substance Abuse & Addiction

    Substance Abuse & Addiction

    The definition of Addiction is a dependence on a substance, such as alcohol, or a type of behavior, such as gambling. The dependence is so strong that it may seem as if the person is unable to break away from the dependence.More >>
  • Co-Occurring Disorders

    Co-Occurring Disorders

    The term co-occurring disorders refers to an individual who is suffering from one or more substance abuse disorders and one or more psychiatric disorders at the same time. ('Dual diagnosis' is an older term for 'co-occurring disorders'.)More >>
  • Trauma Resolution

    Trauma Resolution

    A trauma is any event that an individual encounters that causes a significant amount of pain and disruption of daily life. The pain and disruption may be physical, emotional, or relational.More >>
  • Families


    A treatment plan is not complete until the Family is involved and that is why A Bridge to Recovery places such a strong emphasis on this vital dynamic.More >>
  • Cross Addictions

    Cross Addictions

    Cross addiction refers to the presence of two or more addictions. Cross addictions are very common and can usually be treated simultaneously.More >>
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