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Former sex slave: I was chained in basement and sold Video included


Law enforcement and rescuers of sex slaves report that because of a saturation of human trafficking in the deep South, more human traffickers are bringing young girls to Middle Tennessee.

TN taxpayers paying thousands for EBT card ATM fees Video included


Tax dollars have paid more than $80,000 in fees over two years for cash withdrawals for low-income Tennesseans. One public policy organization says there's a fix to avoid the fees.

Audio of sheriff raises questions of campaign intimidation

Secretly recorded audio of a speech made by Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons raises questions if he was sending a message to his employees that if they didn't support his campaign, that they could lose their job.

I-Team investigates cyber key duplication Video included


Here's a question for you: Can you name all the places your keys have been today? And how many people could have had access to them?

Veteran unable to walk, talk told by VA he should go to work Video included

A Vietnam veteran battling cancer and suffering from heart and lung problems was denied full disability benefits from Veterans Affairs.

Customer sues Genesis Diamonds, questions legality of certifications Video included

A customer has sued Genesis Diamonds, saying it not only exaggerated the value of a stone but is using gem grading reports that could be illegal to bring into the U.S.

Accused ticket scam artist indicted on 6 counts Video included


The woman first exposed by the Channel 4 I-Team for selling concert tickets that her customers say were fakes has been indicted on six counts.

I-Team discovers some middlemen cashing in at expense of homeowners Video included


The Channel 4 I-Team has discovered that some middlemen are cashing in at the expense of naive homeowners, and there are questions about the business practices they use to acquire the properties they flip.

I-Team investigates delays in fire hydrant repairs Video included


A Channel 4 I-Team investigation found the city's water department is taking months to fix broken hydrants, with several hydrants found broken in May still not working today.

Former state director: Reports of drugs in home cost her job Video included


The former director of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission said in an exclusive interview with the Channel 4 I-Team that reports of drugs found in her home cost her the state job.

Experts warn against leaving personal information in vehicles Video included


Here's a question for you: What do you keep in your car? You might not give it much thought, but what if you're in an accident and your car is towed away?

State error lands released inmates back in prison Video included


Nine inmates who successfully graduated from a re-entry program from a state prison and were allowed to start new lives on the outside are now back in prison because of a state error.

Veterans tell Channel 4 I-Team delays could cost them their lives Video included


Veterans are coming forward saying some of what happened in Phoenix is happening here in Nashville. They're sick, yet they're facing long wait times and delayed treatment from local VA hospitals.

Judges to discuss changes on handling domestic violence cases Video included


The handling of a single court case has led to a very unusual move. The Channel 4 I-Team has learned that all 11 general sessions judges will be called together Friday for a special meeting.

Questions over ties between men at center of suspect's release Video included


A story involving a wealthy developer, an allegation of domestic violence and what could be seen as special treatment from a judge has been generating lots of attention in Nashville.

Trooper disciplined by THP sues state and wins Video included


A 27-year THP veteran successfully won his appeal after being investigated and docked 20 days of pay, blamed for being the source for internal documents leaked to the Channel 4 I-Team.

Man sentenced for stealing $100K from veterans group Video included


A man who was supposed to help disabled veterans will now spend 10 years behind bars for stealing from them.

ABC agent resigned after accusations of drinking, driving state car Video included


A special agent in charge at the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission resigned after accusations he twice drank alcohol before driving a state vehicle.

Big raises for some state government employees under scrutiny Video included


After the Channel 4 I-Team found staffers for the Tennessee legislature are getting big raises, some state workers are wondering why they didn't get the same kind of pay hikes.

Federal inmates post video reports from behind bars Video included


First, it was state prisons, and now the Channel 4 I-Team has found more outrageous behavior behind bars. Inmates were seen in videos reporting on their own antics from a federal lockup.

Employees paid by taxpayers claim they spend most days doing nothing Video included


U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-TN, is among those calling for a review after employees paid by taxpayers say they do next to nothing day after day.

Customers accuse contractor of walking away with money for repairs Video included


Spring is the season for all types of home improvements, but one contractor's office sits empty while former customers say they're out thousands of dollars for work that wasn't finished.

Arrested correctional officer friends with inmates on Facebook Video included


A correctional officer charged with having sex with an inmate also regularly communicated with inmates on social media, a Channel 4 I-Team investigation found.

Lawmakers want answers in VA wait times in Tennessee Video included


Four members of Tennessee's congressional delegation are demanding information on how long veterans are waiting for care at VA facilities here at home.

Crosswalk signals may be too quick for some pedestrians' safety Video included


At least three people have been killed just this year simply trying to get across the street in a Middle Tennessee crosswalk. Some say crossing signals don't give them enough time to cross.

Money meant for needy families is going to banks instead Video included


Many people try to avoid those annoying and expensive fees for using another bank's ATM. Now, the Channel 4 I-Team has followed those fees, and you might have no idea what you're paying for.

Customer sues dry cleaner owner after wedding dress goes missing Video included


Many people take their clothes to a dry cleaner and don't think much about what would happen if they get lost. But when high-end clothing went missing from a Nashville dry cleaner, former customers asked the Channel 4 I-Team to investigate.

Customers lash out at husband of accused ticket scammer Video included


Customers of a woman charged with selling bogus tickets showed up for her first court appearance Wednesday and ended up facing off with her husband at the courthouse.

What happens when seeking refund at popular Nashville jeweler? Video included


Diamond shopping is a big step for any couple. The bride knows what she wants, and the guy knows what he can afford. But imagine if you found out that sparkling stone wasn't worth nearly what you paid for it.

Questions about the quality of diamonds at Nashville's best-known jeweler Video included


Diamonds are a girl's best friend, a guy's biggest splurge and the timeless symbol of priceless love. But what if the diamond you dreamed of and saved for wasn't nearly as valuable as you were led to believe?

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  • Jeremy Finley

    Jeremy Finley

    Jeremy Finley is the chief investigative reporter for the Channel 4 I-Team. He specializes in investigations into corruption, criminal activity and waste of taxpayer money.More >>
    Jeremy Finley is the chief investigative reporter for the Channel 4 I-Team. He specializes in investigations into corruption, criminal activity and waste of taxpayer money.More >>
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    Kimberly Curth

    Kimberly Curth starting at Channel 4 in June 2011 after working at WKRG-TV in Mobile, Ala. She joined the I-Team in July 2012. Follow Kimberly on Twitter @WSMVKimberlyMore >>
    Kimberly Curth starting at Channel 4 in June 2011 after working at WKRG-TV in Mobile, Ala.  Follow Kimberly on Twitter @WSMVKimberlyMore >>
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