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Timeline of Holly Bobo's disappearance

—Holly Bobo went missing April, 13 2011.

—According to Holly's brother, the 20-year-old nursing student was seen being led into the woods by a man in camouflage in Parsons, Tenn.

—Following her disappearance, an $85,000 reward was offered for information leading to the return of Holly and the arrest of her abductor.

—In June 2011, the TBI continues to release only limited information about their findings, which they said protects the investigation as it continues to evolve.

—As of June 2011, Investigators said they have no reason to believe Holly has been taken out of West Tennessee.

—Four months after her disappearance, a vigil at the Decatur County Fairgrounds.

—As of September 2011, Holly Bobo's mother admits to calling the TBI every day.

—In Feb, 2012, a three day search where investigators went on horseback revealed evidence in Holly's disappearance. Investigators did not share what that evidence was.

—Fifteen months later and flyers show there is a $250,000 reward for Holly's return.

—Twenty-two months later the family tells Action News 5 they believe her kidnapper was waiting and watching her to leave her home.

—May 2013, a search party led by Holly Bobo's mother finds Holly Bobo's cellphone about 8 miles from her home. The SIM card had been removed and was found about a mile from the phone. Using a map, investigators were able to find Holly's receipts and lunchbox.

—Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a search at the home of Zachary Adams on Friday, February 28, 2014. The TBI said they received credible information, which led to obtaining search warrants.

—A grand jury handed down an indictment March 5, 2014 charging Zachary Adams with especially aggravated kidnapping and first-degree felony murder in connection with the three-year disappearance of Holly Bobo.

—Jason Wayne Autry is charged on April 29, 2014 with especially aggravated kidnapping and first-degree felony murder.

—No immunity agreement ruling made for Shayne Austin on May 27, 2014 . The 29-year-old had signed an immunity agreement, according to his lawyer, but the agreement may be null and void for untruthfulness.

—Brothers Mark and Jeffrey Pearcy have been charged with tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact.

—The Decatur County sheriff confirmed human remains were found in Decatur County on Sept. 7, 2014.

—On Sept. 8, TBI confirmed the remains to be that of Bobo's through the findings of an odontologist.

—According to the TBI, 26-year-old John Dylan Adams of Decatur County has been charged with one count of tampering with evidence in connection to the case. He was arrested Sept. 18.

—On Sept. 24, the family of Dylan Adams said there's no way he could have been involved because he has the mental capacity of a child.

—Dylan Adams admitted to agents that he was involved in the forcible rape of Holly Bobo on April 13, 2011, which is the same day she disappeared from her Darden home. He was charged with two counts of rape Oct. 14.

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