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#KeepingtheDreamAlive: Remembering MLK and civil rights history

Martin Luther King Jr. made his last speech in Memphis to sanitation workers, who, in his words, were facing the issue of injustice and the refusal of Memphis to be fair and honest in its dealings with its public servants. But before the Mountain Top speech and his untimely death, the civil rights leader influenced Memphis in more ways than one.

Click here for a full, interactive look at King's influence in Memphis.

As we remember King 46 years after his death, we also remember the civil rights movement. The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis will present its renovated museum the weekend of April 4, 2014. Browse this page for full coverage of the NCRM.

Martin Luther King Jr. flies to Memphis July 31, 1959 for a Freedom Rally, which is part of a political campaign for several African-American candidates running for City of Memphis' election. Many refer to these local leaders as the Volunteer Ticket. Click here for more ...

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