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Before and after look: Tornado damage in Tupelo, Miss.

A deadly tornado that received a preliminary rating of EF2 tore through Tupelo, Miss. late April. At least 12 people, one of whom was in Lee County, died in Mississippi during the storms that ravaged towns throughout the state. See before and after images of streets in Tupelo in this interactive. NOTE: This Interactive is designed to use on a desktop computer.

How to use this interactive: Below you will find two streets. Each street has an "after" box and a "before" box. Click through the "after" box to see photos of the damage. Toggle the naviagtion counterclockwise in your Google Street View box to move along with the damage in the first box.

North Gloster Street

(Note: After turning away from the hotel use your mouse to click on the street and move forward.)
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"Right as it ripped the roof off the building over there we all jumped in the pit," said Havoline Express Lube Manager Anthony Bishop. "Heard blocks hitting cars above me glass flying all around the pit.".

Bishop says he and his co-workers immediately took cover and started praying.When the storm stopped the men couldn't believe the damage. Roof tops and buildings were ripped off—some wiped away completely. Read more about the damage on Gloster Street and throughout Tupelo here.

Clayton Avenue

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"It hurts to look, because I won't come home tonight," said resident Britney Butler, who lost her house but managed to smile in the midst of a mess. "Oreo [my dog] means the most to me."

The dog made it out unscathed from the wreckage on Clayton Avenue; neighbors say Butler's grandparents weren't as fortunate.

"As her grandmother was coming back down the hallway, the air conditioner came through the wall of the hall and pinned her grandmother to the wall," said neighbor Angela Howard, who shared the grandmother will be OK.

Read more about the damage on Clayton Avenue and throughout Tupelo here.

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