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June 2014
A contagious infection called Parvovirus began spreading at Memphis Animal Shelter, forcing it to close on Saturday. Volunteers were able to save 26 dogs, but not before the shelter were forced to euthanize 11 others.
June 2014
Animal advocates hold demonstration in Midtown asking Mayor A C Wharton to reverse policy of prohibiting photos of certain animals at shelters. Wharton reversed the policy a couple of days later.
Feb. 2014
MAS mistakenly puts down a dog that a rescue group arranged to pick up.
June 2013
An animal abuse case against former MAS worker thrown is out by a judge. Demetria Hogan's charges stemmed from the disappearance of an 11-year-old pit bull named Kapone back in 2011.
June 2013
The Memphis Animal Shelter employee indicted following an undercover investigation was found guilty of animal cruelty. An undercover officer testified that Billy Stewart would sometimes choke dogs into unconsciousness as he led them to the room where they would be euthanized.
May 2013
Group called Supporting Reform of Memphis Animal Services holds a rallying referencing a number of recent incidents of alleged abuse. SOS cites mistreatment, neglect, and euthanzing the wrong dog.
May 2013
MAS Director admits shelter's vet was treating a dog with a severe collar injury in summer 2012. Adoptions are reportedly up, euthanizations down.

MAS Timeline

Memphis Animal Shelter made the news recently after a parvovirus outbreak shutdown the shelter for a Saturday cleaning. Twenty-six dogs were rescued, but 11 others were put down after the contagious infection hit the facility.

Despite that the MAS medical director came forward to clear up what the shelter calls misconceptions, many animal advocates in the Mid-South community remained outraged. Other incidents over the last few years have enraged hundreds with incidents ranging from possible dog fighting rings to employees charged with animal cruelty.

With events listed since 2011, you can use this timeline to view various MAS headlines.

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