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  • Welcome to Jack Yacoubian Jewelers

    Welcome to Jack Yacoubian Jewelers

    Jack Yacoubian Jewelers downtown showroomJack Yacoubian Jewelers downtown showroom
    Jack Yacoubian Jewelers offers a luxurious collection of contemporary and classic jewelry designs. You are invited to celebrate life's happiest moments with gifts of extraordinary beauty and value. Jack has been in the jewelry business for decades and when you come into his showroom, he will personally assist you with your jewelry decision. More >>
  • Choosing a diamond

    Choosing a diamond

    From cut to clarity to carat... what you need to know to buy your diamond at Jack Yacoubian Jewelers. More >>
  • Diamond cuts

    Diamond cuts

    Cut determines the fire and brilliance of a diamond. In order to maximize this fire and brilliance, the diamond cutter must place each of the stone's facets and angles in exact geometric relation to one another. On a classic round brilliant-cut diamond there are fifty-eight precisely aligned facets. More >>
  • Emeralds


    Color and clarity are the most important considerations when evaluating emeralds. A rich velvety green, uniform throughout the stone is the best color. Skillful cutting is important as this minimizes the prominence of flaws and can bring out the best color.More >>
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