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Updated 4:00pm 10/27/06

Officials: "Intense hunt" for Memphis manatee has concluded

Officials announced Friday afternoon that they were calling off their "intense hunt" for the manatee that was spotted earlier this week in Wolf River Harbor. The manatee, a large aquatic animal usually found in Florida, was the subject of an large search Thursday and Friday conducted by crews from the Memphis Police Department, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Sea World. More>>

Reported by George Brown

Manatee search crew says frustration is part of the job

The Seaworld crew spent two days looking for the Memphis manatee, and while they wouldn't say they were frustrated, it was evident on their faces. More>>

Reported by George Brown

Manatee education makes splash at one Memphis School

For at least a few minutes over the last couple of days, reading and math have taken a back seat to manatees for first grade students at Idlewilde Elementary. More>>

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  • Donna in Memphis writes...

    Donna in Memphis writes...

    Submitted by Donna PeryginSubmitted by Donna Perygin
    I am a local screen printer and realized tonight that I missed my opportunity to print the "Manny" shirts, after watching your news broadcast. I wish him a safe trip home in the morning.  I threw this design together anyway for your entertainment.More >>
  • Walter in Memphis writes...

    Walter in Memphis writes...

    I have lived around Manatees all of my life (except when I was in
    the military). Manatees travel slowly, often near the surface and frequently come to the surface.  I have been able to see manatees in the muddiest water.
    More >>
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