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Reported by George Brown
Dr. George Flinn conducts ultrasound on panda Dr. George Flinn conducts ultrasound on panda

Zoo keepers nervous about condition of panda Ya Ya's pregnancy

Keepers at the Memphis Zoo expressed concerns Thursday about the health of pregnant panda Ya Ya's cub, one day after the latest ultrasound performed on the giant bear. "This is a day of not too much good news," said Memphis Zoo Director Chuck Brady.  "What we had hoped to see was a fetal heart beat and some growth and development of the fetus." More>>

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In April 2003, the Memphis Zoo became one of only four U.S. zoos to exhibit Earth's most treasured endangered species, the giant panda.

But CHINA is not just a giant panda exhibit. Panda duo "Ya Ya" and "Le Le" share their three-acre home with several other species native to China.

CHINA became the first Memphis Zoo exhibit to be built as "zoogeograpical," a word that describes exhibits that feature an animal collection from a specific part of the world. The buildings, plant life - even the sounds - of China are represented in this $16 million exhibit.

Giant pandas have both indoor and outdoor exhibit areas, offering the most awe-inspiring panda viewing in America.

Factoid: Ya Ya and Le Le each can eat over 40 pounds of bamboo a day. Because it must be fed fresh, the Zoo's "Bamboo Crew" harvests fresh bamboo from the Memphis area almost every day.

Source: The Memphis Zoo

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