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Family fears the worst as it searches for missing son

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BROWNSVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - For nearly eight months, a Brownsville mother has been searching for any sign of her son.  Anthony Summers turned 30-years-old on October 28th, but instead of celebrating, Summers' family spent the day wondering whether he was dead or alive. 

"If he's gone I can accept that, but just not knowing is the problem," said his mother, Leona Wilson.

On April 3rd, Anthony Summers spent the night with his sister Jennifer.  The next day, he left and no one has heard from him since.

"The morning he woke up, he looked like something was wrong with him, and I asked him what was wrong and he told me, 'nothing,'" Jennifer said.

Summers was shot several years ago, family members said. Police say the man who shot him, Jessie Cannon, just got out of prison for the crime.  Wilson mother believes Cannon knows where her son is.

"He said that when he got out that he was gonna get him, and the day he got out of the half way house, he became missing," she said.

Investigator Shane Williams of the Brownsville Police Department confirmed that Summers' case is still an active missing persons case.

"I've been here almost 21 years and I've never seen anybody disappear like Anthony Summers," Williams said. "No clue - he didn't even leave footprints in the dirt."

Investigators hope someone with information about Anthony Summers will come forward, so his family can have closure.

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