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Poll predicts landslide victory for Cohen over Herenton

By Lori Brown - bio | email

Memphis, TN (WMC-TV) - Congressman Steve Cohen has a huge lead over former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton in the race for Tennessee's 9th district congressional seat, according to a new poll by Yacoubian Research, co-sponsored by Action News 5.

In the poll 65% of likely voters said they will vote for Cohen, only 15% said they would vote for Herenton, and 20% said they were undecided.

The poll (click here to download and read) comes less than three weeks away from the August primary.

"Steven Cohen is easily going to win that race," Berje Yacoubian, head of Yacoubian Research said. "It is not even a contest."

Yacoubian says Cohen's large lead over Herenton is astonishing.

"I am surprised Herenton has been so ineffective at mobilizing the African American vote," he said.

Even if all of the undecided voters voted for Herenton, he is still doesn't have a shot, according to the poll.

"Everything that could go right for Steve Cohen has gone right, everything that could go wrong for Herenton has gone wrong," Yacoubian said.

One big thing that went right for Cohen: President Obama made a rare written endorsement of him in the Democratic primary race. That happened before the poll was taken. Then, on day two of the poll, former Memphis Congressman Harold Ford Senior also endorsed Cohen.

"Anytime you can come up with the former Congressman and his son coming out for a white congressman running against an African American former mayor, you know he's doing something very right."

Yacoubian says Cohen leads Herenton in every demographic group and in every part of the 9th District except for Whitehaven, which is where Herenton lives.

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