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Janice Broach reports

Police arrest career shoplifters at Covington Wal-Mart

Police say they've arrested career shoplifters. They say two women have stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from several Mid-South Wal-Mart stores.

Investigators say the two women seem to have made a career of shoplifting. West Memphis police say one of the women was banned from Walmart stores in Arkansas because she was suspected of shoplifting so often.

The two women are behind bars in Tipton County after getting arrested at the Covington Walmart.

Investigators say the women were caught on surveillance video and are suspected of lifting at least $7,000 in merchandise from the Covington Walmart.

Investigators also say the women are suspected of either shoplifting goods and then selling the items or shoplifting then returning the stolen merchandise to the store.

The women allegedly took just about anything you can think of from electronics to clothing, beer, a mop, even a grill.

In January, they were arrested and charged with taking $16,000 in merchandise from a Bartlett Walmart.

Covington police say it appears to be a way of life for these women.

They are accused of also hitting Walmart stores in Millington.

West Memphis police say Shantell Perkins spent time in prison. .She has a record that dates back to 2005.

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