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Reported by Janice Broach

Former State Senator John Ford will 'Waltz' to federal court Monday

Monday, former state senator John Ford will learn his fate in the Tennessee Waltz corruption case.

John Ford and his attorney will be at the Federal building Monday for the former state senator's sentencing hearing.

It could take all day because attorneys plan to call plenty of witnesses.

Thousands of hours of secret FBI recordings showing money being handed to John Ford are part of the reason a jury convicted the former state senator of bribery in his Tennessee Waltz case. Prosecutors claim he took more than 50- thousand dollars in bribes.

On Monday, Ford's attorney plans to call more than a dozen witnesses who will testify in Ford's sentencing hearing.

"We are going to present everything to the judge to show him John's entire life show him the great things he's done in the 30 years he's been in the legislature and the great things he's done for the community of Memphis," adds Ford's attorney Mike Scholl.

Action News 5 reporter Janice Broach called Ford to talk about his sentencing but he said he didn't want to talk about it and not to call him about it again.

Ford faces a maximum of 10 years behind bars. But his attorney says the judge has guidelines to follow but they are not mandatory.

"The guideline ranges have changed and you can argue about any sentence possible," says Scholl.

Scholl says that means a possibility of no prison time. But that is unlikely since Ford decided to take his case to trial and not plead and he was convicted of taking more money than any Tennessee Waltz defendant.

Prosecutors have not said how many witnesses they plan to call on Monday in Ford's sentencing hearing.

No matter what sentence Ford gets on Monday he likely won't start serving it any time soon because his attorney told me Ford plans to appeal his conviction.

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