Flu deaths continue to rise in Arkansas

The death toll due to the flu in Arkansas continues to rise.

Another 1,200 dropped from Arkansas Medicaid over work rule

Arkansas officials say the number of people who have lost Medicaid coverage for not complying with a work requirement has risen to more than 18,000.

Fitness tips for seniors

CDC: More women now overdosing on opioids

A newly released report from the CDC reveals drug overdose deaths among females aged 30 to 64 have skyrocketed in recent years.

ADH: Possible case of Hepatitis A exposure at Cheddar’s

Hep A case pops up in Jonesboro


ICE detained Marine with PTSD after incident

  Whitehaven house fire ruled arson

  Hardaway says Lil Penny will make return soon

Memphis Tigers head coach Penny Hardaway set the world on fire Wednesday when he talked about the possible return of his alter ego Lil Penny.