Still employed, Rod Rosenstein to meet with Trump Thursday

As deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein had been in charge of the Russia investigation.

  Juvenile justice a priority for new Shelby County commissioners

Juvenile justice in Shelby County is one of the most pressing issues facing the new county commission, as well as Mayor Lee Harris.

Got a question for the Gubernatorial candidates?

The candidates vying to be the next governor of the State of Tennessee will debate on WMC Action News 5.

‘Unbelievable’: Bald eagle lands on fire truck during 9/11 tribute

Many Facebook users expressed their belief the event was “a sign from above honoring those who gave all for others.”

White House says it’s working to plan 2nd Trump-Kim meeting

President Donald Trump has received a request from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a follow-up to their historic June summit, and planning is in motion to make it happen.

New Shelby County Commission holds first meeting of new term

The Shelby County Commission kicked off its new term just days after commissioners were sworn in.

FedEx CEO will participate in funeral for Sen. McCain

FedEx CEO and founder Fred Smith will be among 15 pallbearers for Senator John McCain's funeral.

Outgoing Shelby County Commission meets for last time

The outgoing group of Shelby County Commissioners met for the last time Monday.

Political analyst: McCain was 'example of how politics was at its best'

From prisoner of war to running for president, Arizona Sen. John McCain leaves behind a long and historic legacy.

Economy could be deciding factor in Tennessee Senate race

Election Day 2018 is nearing, and WMC Action News 5's political analyst Michael Nelson predicts that Tennessee's U.S. Senate race will remain close right down to the wire.

Satanic Temple rallies at capitol in Little Rock

The Satanic Temple held a rally outside the Arkansas state capitol in Little Rock on Thursday.

  Race for Corker's Senate seat could cost up to $100M, analyst says

Tennessee's Senate race between Republican Marsha Blackburn and Democrat Phil Bredesen is heating up.

Voters could lose say in filling 3 City Council seats soon to be vacated

The Shelby County Election Commission said the window of time for council members to resign is very small to trigger a special election.

Obama picks Sotomayor for high court

President Barack Obama named federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor as the nation's first Hispanic Supreme Court justice on Tuesday, praising her as "an inspiring woman" with both the intellect and compassion to interpret the Constitution wisely.

Some products selling well during recession

In the midst of the recession, there are some products that people apparently are unwilling to do without. Like chocolate.

Senator Barack Obama (D)

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

Senator John McCain (R)

John McCain is the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Mike Gravel (D)

Mike Gravel's background information: Mike Gravel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, to French Canadian immigrants. He attended French-speaking Catholic schools and as a teenager, when he wasn't

Senator John Edwards (D)

Senator Edwards' background: John Edwards was born in Seneca, South Carolina and raised in Robbins, North Carolina, a small town in the Piedmont. There John learned the values of hard work and perseverance

Senator Hillary Clinton (D)

Senator Hillary Clinton is rallying around the USA to get the support needed to win over the White House. Senator Clinton is one of the favored Democrats for the Presidential bid and came in second place

Congressman Ron Paul (R)

Ron Paul's Background Information: Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation's capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works

Mike Huckabee (R)

Mike Huckabee's Background Information: From 1996-2007, Huckabee served as the 44th Governor of Arkansas. When he left office on January 9, 2007, he set out on a nationwide tour to promote his fifth

Rudy Giuliani (R)

Rudy Giuliani did not do as well as he thought he would at the Iowa Primary and needs to buckle down to win over the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday. The Democratic former Mayor of New York City came

The Committee to Re-Elect Judge Ann Pugh

Paid for by The Committe to Re-Elect Judge Ann Pugh A. Stephen McDaniel, Treasurer P.O. Box 172247 Memphis, TN 38187-2247 Judge ANN PUGH General Sessions Division 7 has proven JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE And QUALIFICATIONS Applies

Elect Gloria Smith Judge, General Sessions Civil Court Division 4

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Gloria Smith Judge Beverly Smith-Drake, Treasurer P.O. Box 0022 Memphis, TN 38101-0022 (901) 755-2520 EXPERIENCE AND COMMITMENT EDUCATION: Booker T. Washington

Republicans cast straw poll ballots at the Peabody

Downtown Memphis is buzzing with political anticipation of who Southern Republicans believe can fill the seat in the White House in 2008. But what makes this year different is this is the first year

Joe Birch's exclusive interview with the Senate Majority Leader

Forty percent of the 2,000 GOP faithful attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference come from Tennessee. They'll hold a straw poll tomorrow night to gauge which presidential hopefuls are strongest

Democratic protestors set up camp at SRLC

To counter the Republican presence in Memphis this weekend, local Democrats have set up a moving billboard that criticizes them on the big ports controversy in Washington this week and - on the street,

GOP's big names jockey for position at The Peabody

Some big names in the GOP are here this evening. U.S. Senators Bill Frist, George Allen of Virginia, Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusettes has arrived, and Senator John McCain is expected later

Some think $5,400 sign is too pricey for cash-strapped state

The 18 metal letters spelling 'Speaker Jimmy Naifeh' were out of sight in preparation for the grand unveiling, but not out of mind. It comes with what some say is an inappropriate cost: $5,400 provided by taxpayers.

Returns show 12-vote win for Ophelia Ford in special election

Ophelia Ford earned 12 more votes than Terry Roland in a special election for the state Senate seat vacated by her brother John Ford, according to complete but unofficial returns.

Politicians disagree on funding Gulf rebuilding

President Bush says the government must cut unnecessary spending, but this week when he pledged to foot most of the bill for reconstruction, many said he didn't explain how the country will cover the cost.

Ophelia Ford wins close primary race for state Senate

Ophelia E. Ford won a razor thin victory Thursday night in the Democratic primary for the state Senate seat once held by John Ford, her brother, now under indictment.

Naifeh and the governor defend their drivers

Last year drivers for Naifeh and the lieutenant governor pulled in more than $50,000 in overtime not to mention hotel and meal expenses.

Bush names former Sen. Thompson to oversee Supreme Court nominee

President Bush has named former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson to help shepherd his yet-to-be named Supreme Court nominee through the Senate, White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

Lawmakers speak out on ethics reform

Tennessee's General Assembly made national news when its ethics were questioned as part of an FBI sting. Ethics reform is a hot topic on Capitol Hill and in Mid-South living rooms.

County Democrats see big turnout to elect delegates

Shelby County Democrats voted on new delegates today just weeks after state Senator Kathryn Bowers stepped down as party chairman amid a corruption scandal. Today the county democrats packed the University

Bredesen is being mentioned as a presidential possibility

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen is making a name for himself outside the state. Political pundits are floating Bredesen's name for a presidential run in 2008. Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen wasn't

Frist makes second trip to South Carolina to greet GOP faithful

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's second trip to South Carolina in less than a month is a sign the Tennessee Republican is testing his political potency in a key state in the 2008

Frist and Clinton push bill creating medical records' standard

WASHINGTON - Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill First touted a new medical records bill Thursday that they said is necessary.

Promising congressman faces family trouble amid his Senate bid

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Just a day after Rep. Harold Ford Jr. announced he was running for the Senate, the FBI arrested his lawmaker uncle back home in Tennessee on corruption charges. Ford has spent much