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Southaven alderman battle heats up

By Chip Washington - bio | email

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - It's the season of politics in DeSoto County and now that the qualifying is over, the races have begun.

One of the most heated races is Alderman-At-Large, between incumbent Greg Guy and six-year ward four Alderman Paul Ollar.

"I don't view it as I'm running against anyone," Guy said. "I'm running for my position again, and hopefully if I've done a good job, the citizens will see that and vote for me."

"As Alderman-at-Large, in that capacity, I will be able to serve all the people of Southaven," Ollar countered.

The Alderman-at-Large position is citywide post which can break deadlocked votes. It also serves as Mayor Pro-Temp if or when necessary. Guy has been in the seat for the past 12 years. He says keeping citizens safe is a top priority for him and the city.

"Sixty percent of our general fund is dedicated to public safety and thats my vision for the city," he said. "I want it to be a safe place to live and a comfortable place to live."

Ollar says the decision was not an easy one to make, and was one he came to a week before the deadline. As a newly certified municipal officer and local business owner, he feels much more qualified to work with all other board members.

"I feel that we'll be able to look at each of the wards, work with all of the Alderman who serve in the six wards in the city, to figure out what can be most beneficial to the city overall," he said.

Both men feel that the city is moving in the right direction, and that credit should go to the city leadership. For Guy, this is all part of the political process.

"When the citizens come out and vote and they elect you to office, all they give you is four years," he said.

Win or lose, Ollar says he will always serve the people of Southaven.

"I do not necessarily have to serve as Alderman-at-Large or any position to still be a public servant," Ollar said.

Both men say they are friends, and that the race will be won or lost without any negative campaigning from either side.

The primary is set for May 5th.

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