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Picture proves murdered son not in gang, parents say

Part of Rozelle's drawing. Part of Rozelle's drawing.
Rozelle Green, Jr. Rozelle Green, Jr.

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis family says their murdered son was not in a gang, no matter what a police report says, and they claim they have the proof.

Rozelle Green was gunned down last Wednesday night, just hours after what was described as a 'massive' fight at Hamilton High School.

According to a police affidavit, it was a quote "large gang fight -- involving Crips and Bloods on the 3rd floor with approximately 150 students in the hallway."

The affidavit goes onto say, "the defendants were all fighting and the crowd was in a state of anger." 

But Rozelle's parents, Rozelle Green, Sr., and Cynthia Wilson, said Monday their son was not in a gang, and they have a paper - a drawing - that proves it.

In the drawing, a young man wearing a bandana is holding a gun.  The picture reads in part, "Please Stop!  Just take the mask off.  Stop the gangs.  Memphis just stop the crime.  Kids, go to school.  Don't do bad things to people."

"That was a shocking moment," Rozelle Green, Sr. said of finding the picture. "That let me know he wasn't in a gang.  You can't label him as being in a gang."
Cynthia Wilson said she is sharing her son's drawing to encourage other parents and children to reach out.

"Whoever's watching, I hope it helps them to talk to somebody," she said.

The 17-year-old had an old paper among his many drawings of cartoon characters, including Homer Simpson, Snoopy, and Fred Flintstone.

He wrote "never give up."

He said he wanted to graduate high school, then save money and go to TSU.  Wilson said she spoke with her son about the violence before someone took his life.
"I said 'why do kids do what hey do?' And he told me, 'The reason why that is because you don't have a lot of things that they can do.'"

Both parents say they just want whoever did this to come to justice.

Green's parents say many students have been calling to find out about his memorial.

The wake is Friday morning at 10:00am at J.C. Herndon Funeral Home on Winchester Road.  The funeral follows at Noon.

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