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Ellen Calipari takes basketball life in stride

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Later this week, all eyes will be on the Memphis Tigers and their head coach, John Calipari.  But what about Calipari's better half?

During basketball season, the Calipari household is like an open house, and sometimes with just a moment's notice, Ellen Calipari makes it look too easy.

"It's easy for the players," she said during a recent interview.  "They don't have any expectations, and they're like your family."

It's a family Mrs. Cal married into and has been a part of for more than two decades, as she has rooted on her husband's teams to victory, even though he spends long hours away from home.

"You know the expectations - the demand on their time - and you want things to work out the best possible way for them, 'cause you know what they're putting into it," she said.
In a way, a coach's wife is a single parent, and Ellen Calipari is no exception, to the couple's three children.
"You're financially stable, but you're doing everything by yourself," she said. "You're taking your kids where they need to go. You're doing the homework with them."

The Caliparis' two daughters are in college, while their son is in grade school.  But, the Calipari home is almost always bustling with people, such as the press and players during the NCAA selection show this past weekend. Through it , Ellen Calipari is ready, even joking about the lack of notice she gets from her high profile husband.

"He invites them in and he's not around...so you just put the smile on and go on," she said.
It's her smile, her support, and her role as wife and mom that make her a valuable part of the Tiger family.

That's what's nice," she said. "You get the hugs. You get the 'Thanks, Mrs. Cal,' and they're good kids. They're fun to be around, and it's fun to watch them interact together."

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