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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy: Store policies on Internet/double coupons

By Andy Wise - bio | email

MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - I was calling stores all morning for their coupon policies after "Erin" of Germantown, TN, sent me this e-mail about double coupons:

"I am wondering what stores locally still use this practice. I do clip coupons, but I would still be interested to know where I could double the savings."

Here's your personal double-coupon and Internet coupon shopping guide, Erin:

* SCHNUCKS, KROGER, PIGGLY WIGGLY.  Each of them offers double coupons every day on all manufacturer coupons 60 cents or less. All three accept Internet coupons with restrictions on a store-by-store basis. Kroger will accept Internet coupons unless they won't scan or unless they are for free products.  Schnucks will not accept Internet coupons either for free merchandise or for more than $5 off a product.

* WAL-MART.  No double coupons, but it still offers its lowest price guarantee.  Wal-Mart will match or better any competitor's price on any product.  It will accept Internet coupons, but they will be checked for authenticity. Customers carrying counterfeit coupons will be subject to prosecution.

* TARGET, SUPERLO.  They do not offer double coupons.  Superlo does NOT accept Internet coupons.  It only accepts face-value coupons from manufacturers, store circulars or mail-outs. Target will accept valid Internet coupons (will prosecute counterfeits!) and Super Target coupons off its web site. Target will also accept one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for a single purchase.

* FRESH MARKET.  No double coupons, no Internet coupons. It only accepts coupons from its own sales circulars.

* ALDI.  The discount grocer doesn't double coupons or accept Internet coupons since 90 percent of its merchandise is Aldi-brand merchandise. But it does offer its "double guarantee."  That means if you are not satisfied with any Aldi product, you get BOTH a replacement product AND your money back -- a double guarantee!

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