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Meth labs in DeSoto increasing, sheriff says

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HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - The number of meth labs in DeSoto County is growing, according to the county's sheriff.

A home on Lee in rural DeSoto County is the latest meth lab operation busted by the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Bill Rasco said deputies received an anonymous tip from a neighbor.

"We got an anonymous tip from an individual saying there was a meth lab there," he said. "We go out and knock on the door. After opening the door, there's evidence of what's going on there."

After searching the home, deputies found a freshly cooked batch of meth on the kitchen table.  James Hamilton and Robert Ricks were arrested, both charged with the manufacture of methamphetamine.

According to Rasco, meth has been an escalating problem in the county the past few months.

"We have busted up five meth labs in the last three months," he said. "Nothing quite as substantial as this, but we know that's a big increase in our county right now."

Rasco said he fears what could happen to other innocent bystanders if people making this dangerous mixture don't know what they're doing.

"They start cooking crystal meth, blow up the house, and endanger the people who live next door to them, so we're trying to do what we can to protect the people here in the county," Rasco said.

To do that, Rasco said, he needs help and cooperation from the citizens of the county. In the meantime, Rasco vowed to follow up on any leads and to shut these types of operations down quickly.

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