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Graphic testimony in brick attack trial

Charles Fowler Charles Fowler

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Jurors heard gripping testimony Tuesday in the case of a man on trial for beating a three-year-old boy and the child's mother with a brick.

Prosecutors claim James Todd committed the crime on Father's Day in 2006, but Todd claims the child's own father, Charles Fowler, was the master-mind behind the crime.

Tuesday, Paula Fowler testified Todd never said a word as he entered her home and attacked her with the brick.  As Fowler spoke, Todd sat silently with arms crossed.

Fowler described a tumultuous relationship with her husband, Charles, where she learned he had another child, and admitted she banged his truck with a hammer when he lied to her about deploying to Iraq.

Fowler said their relationship was at its worst the day of the attack. 

As Todd rained down blows, Fowler testified, her three-year-old son cried from his bed, reaching out to her as he watched the attack.

When her son then tugged at Todd's leg, she said, Todd turned the brick on him.
"I wanted to just jump on his back to protect my son, but I knew I was too weak," she said.

Fowler said she heard the voice of God tell her to fall to the floor and play dead.

"I said, 'I'm dying, I'm dying,'" she said.

Fowler testified that Todd then stopped hitting her son, picked up the brick fragments broken from the attack, and left the house.

Also Tuesday, jurors heard from a 13-year-old neighbor who placed James Todd at the scene, as well as Charles Fowler's mistress, and a neighbor who spoke on behalf of the defendant.

There are 23 witnesses in all and the trial could take about a week.

Charles Fowler committed suicide shortly after the attack.

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