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Rolling meth lab explodes in Fayette County

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FAYETTE CO., TN (WMC-TV) - Fayette County officials are still investigating a weekend meth lab bust that resulted in a fiery ending, when the lab exploded inside a car.

Wednesday, there were still no arrests in the case.  Meanwhile, images of the car show what can happen when meth-making goes bad.

"The act of cooking meth has gotten a lot simpler," Fayette County narcotics officer John Carter said.

Burned grass along Firetower Road in Fayette County was practically all that was left after the meth lab exploded inside the car.

Carter says rolling meth labs are on the rise.

"We can tell by the results how stupid it was and how dangerous it was," he said  'Luckily they weren't killed, and no innocent bystanders were killed."

"If you're running down the interstate or running down a busy highway and this happens, you're going to take out a number of cars or a number of people," Fayette County Sheriff Bobby Riles said.

The explosion also burned the suspects' clothing.  Officers said it likely happened when meth-making gas inside the car ignited. 

"They were in a tight vehicle, riding around, smoking a cigarette," Riles said. "They decided to open it up, check to see how its doing, and it blows up on them."

Officials say drug induced fires are happening more and more. 

"As folks lose their jobs, they're trying to take care of their family and they may result in that sort of thing," Carter said.

Deputies say the suspects cooking the meth will be arrested once they recover from the burns caused by the explosion. 

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