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Reported by Andy Wise

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Best in Millington, TN, plus scores as of 3/15/09

A Cordova, TN, pizzeria just did what I thought was impossible.

Mama Mia's Pizzeria, 1105 Houston-Levee, scored a perfect 100 on its last two Memphis-Shelby County Health Department inspections.

Not one single violation!

When I visited the place, I could see why.  The kitchen really is the cleanest kitchen I've ever seen - despite a bustling lunch crowd -- and I've been in some of the BEST restaurants.

"I've worked in the kitchens of a lot of restaurants around town," says Brian Lurie, Mama Mia's owner.  "I've seen what goes on in kitchens, and I've known that when I had my own place, a lot of those things would not happen.

"(I just let) the staff know the right things to do, keeping up on it, and it's very difficult."

Lurie also says he's quick to argue with health inspectors when he believes they're being nit picky.  Sometimes, he says, they see the light.

He made a believer out of me!  Pizza's good, too!

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Neighborhood Bistro, 6646 U.S. Hwy 51, Millington, TN, 901-873-0200

Chef Elio Aguila taught French cuisine in Manhattan.  Now he whips up 4-star dream dishes in Millington!  The Neighborhood Bistro would fit in any cosmopolitan city. 

"A lot of times, when people think of Millington, they think of fast food and things like that," says Millington Mayor Richard Hodges, a regular customer.  "I would put this restaurant up against any of them in the county."

Owner Cissy Robinson greets every customer and makes each one feel like her favorite.

"You feel like you're eating with family," says Jennifer Miller, a Downtown Memphis resident who makes the trip up Highway 51 for lunch almost daily.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  The Catfish Louisiana, Mama's Ravioli, Mediterranean atmosphere

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