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MY TURN: No good deed goes unnoticed

No good deed goes unnoticed No good deed goes unnoticed

Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove has put herself in the headlines frequently over the last year by driving under the influence. She faced serious charges and her driver's license was revoked. She still faces a grand jury investigation in connection with a related stunt.

Nonetheless, I’m sure many of us wanted to believe her last month when she apologized for behavior and said, and I quote, "It's all about me getting back to work for the people of Memphis." I think it’s safe to say that at this point, the work the people of Memphis want her to do does not involve driving.

Last week, Fullilove was back behind the wheel driving without a license and boasting that it was her “good deed” for the day.

Councilwoman Fullilove is certainly not the only public official recently who has shown that she believes she is above the law. There are plenty of other examples from city hall to the White House. That still doesn’t excuse her hypocrisy or anyone else's. It will be a sad day in our country if we get to the point that no one notices.

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