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Judge: No new trial in murder of teacher

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man convicted of killing his schoolteacher wife has lost his bid for a new trial in Memphis.

A Criminal Court Judge James Lammey denied a request for a new trial Friday for 32-year-old Jeffrey Scott. Scott was convicted in January of second-degree murder in the beating death of his wife, Ashley Scott, a popular teacher at Bolton High in Memphis.

During the hearing, Scott took the stand to explain to Judge James Lammey that he's broke.  At first the judge didn't seem to buy it.

"It seems he has money to make bond and money to hire a lawyer," Lammey said. "I just want to make sure, because this is an expensive proposition to have this paid for."

The transcripts are estimated to cost at least $1,000, and perhaps much more.

Scott's Attorney, Leslie Ballin, stepped into explain that Scott's parents paid his bond and attorney fees.

"So you're saying your parents are not willing to help you pay for the transcript?" Lammey asked.

Ballin explained Scott's parents are strapped for cash.  In the end, the judge decided the state would need to pay for the transcripts since the defendant is the only one who can be required to pay for them.

Scott needs the transcripts of the trial in order to appeal his case.

Earlier, Ballin presented 27 reasons his client deserves a new trial.  Among other reasons, he argued the judge admitted evidence that was hearsay.

"The cumulative effect of what was produced in court we say denied Mr. Scott's rights to a fair trial," Ballin said.

Prosecutor Steve Crossnoe disagreed.

"Essentially, we believe there was overwhelming evidence of guilt, and the court carefully considered all the evidence that was entered," he said.

Ashley Scott was killed in November 2006 at the residence she shared with her husband.

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