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School days to lengthen thanks to winter weather

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Students enrolled in Memphis City Schools will spend extra time together later this month to pay back time missed earlier this year.

For nine days, district officials said Thursday, schools will dismiss 45 minutes late.  The late dismissals will start April 14th and run through April 24th.

Officials said the longer days were the result of January 28, when school was canceled due to snow.  State law requires schools to be in session 180 days per year.  With the snow day, the school system was forced to make up the time.

District officials said they had other options, including conducting classes on a Saturday, or adding a day after Memorial Day.  However, those options were only briefly considered.

"We're worried about attendance on those days, and we just don't think it's the best use of instructional time," district official William White said.

White said the extra 45 will be filled with quality instruction time, perhaps dragging the day out further, but sparing them from missing a day.

Reaction from parents about the change was mixed.  Some said the delayed dismissal would make it harder to pick up their children, while others said it didn't matter.

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District officials said bus schedules would change accordingly with the delayed times.

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